Shelves filled with opportunities

I recently wrote a post about my thoughts about decluttering, ephemera, and collections. If you visit the studio, you’ll be greeted by two parrots, full bookshelves, and a wide variety of supplies. This studio is not a blank-slate…it is a bower bird’s eclectic space meant to stimulate curiosity and creativity (which seems appropriate, since these birds are described as being “bright as crayons”).

What collections are essential to your creative practice?

My book!

Last night, I arrived home to a box of my books…not drafts, not proofs, but the real-deal printed books!


One of my very favorite older adults did the cover art…I can’t wait to show her how it turned out!

Though this is an academic, clinical book, it is filled with stories from the work I do; I believe many will find it enjoyable to read and full of respect and reverence for the amazing older adults I have joined in the studio. It should be available for ordering anywhere books are sold.

Creative Play

It can feel like it is wasting time to take an hour or so to just play in the studio...but even time spent splashing paint on paper with no real plan can be so restorative. It was a busy week and I needed to just play with color.



This paper will be turned into my next art journal eventually, but this weekend it just needed to be about fun and experimentation.

What have you done with a playful spirit  today?  

Art Journal Images...

Things we carry with us each day contain little surprises, little moments of beauty.

Circle Art Journal

The most interesting part, the most aesthetically pleasing part may not be the image at might be the edges. 

Circle Art Journal

Where does one color come up against another?

Circle Art Journal 3

Where do the textures create visual interest?

Circle Art Journal 4

...even stray threads or worn down edges...

Circle Art Journal 5

When I'm working on a single page, I am not thinking about what came before or what comes next...

Circle Art Journal 6

...but later, reflecting back, context provides all sorts of interesting areas to explore...

Circle Art Journal 7

...and then, I close the book and move on to the next thing.

Circle Art Journal 8